Had the need to charge an all electric Kia recently and guess what: both the charging stations app and the vendor's app are proprietary so how would I know when charging finished?

Turns out people around figured out the vendor API so I could use that to have a small app to monitor the charging status on my running

Sources are at

Next thing needed is a "stop charging" button as some charging stations don't allow for that either 😞 . The data leaking involved here is also concerning but as it is sent out no matter what, let's at least make it usable via too.

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@agx so is this phosh specific? I noticed it had phosh in the name, but would it work on gnome shell mobile?

@QuadRadical in my simplistic world view phosh is part of the gnome mobile effort. Nitpicking aside: If you mean if it also runs under the gnome-shell fork for mobile: it should, it's a regular GTK/adwaita app.

@agx @QuadRadical it's actually extremely sad people got so used to apps not being compatible between Android/iOS flavors they imagine it's the same in the #MobileLinux world 😢

@agx would be hilarious to show the car battery as AUX battery in gnome power

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