There can't be enough emojis 😎 :😃 😹 so I added a new widget (based on 's emoji chooser) to 's osk-stub:

1️⃣ /2️⃣

@agx looks great! Please include a search box as well, it's the only way I can find the emojis I want to use


@nsrosenqvist you wouldn't have any way to type in that search box as this is an on screen keyboard 😇 I guess what you want is text completion to complete on emojis but that's a separate story (but this MR is a prereq for that).

@agx on GBoard the emoji selector slides up when you tap the search entry above the emoji selector and reveals the original keyboard. But perhaps this isn't possible to implement with this osk?

@nsrosenqvist that's certainly possible but eats up valuable screen space. I think completing is the nicer approach but we'll see once this is merged what patches come up to improve the situation 😃 (we have the emoji names in the data already)

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