phosh 0.21.1 is out 🚀📱 :

A new minor release: mostly to catch up with calls 43 and glib 2.74.0 but there are more fixes and lots of translation updates too.

Check out the full release notes at


@agx that sounds awesome.. when should guess that might to see that in the purism repo for normal install on librem5?

@agx awesome! I just bought one of those uperfect docks!

@agx can you remind me again on how I would see the update for this? Or can I just go to the gitlab and pull down the Deb artifact?

@Phaserune see and ..Package flow (for all packages targeted at byzantium is): Things will show up in the landing suite once the autobuilders processed it and they will then migrate after 5 days (default for medium urgency) to byzantium if no critical issues show up and all needed dependencies migrated too.

You can grab packages from the above CI pipelines if you want to test immediately.

@agx thanks! I just manually installed them.Really appreciate all of the efforts on the Librem 5!!

This screenshot come from non Librem 5 nor Pure System?

Because is looking different phosh icons, are u using special theme or config than pure os default?
Seems i do not knowing something...

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