I know that the #Librem5 is a bit boring, but I promised to write a review on it years ago, so I need to focus on the device for a bit. Sadly, I don't have much time, so it might be a longer period of #Librem5 focused content, video and text.

I'll now start setting my new one up and will try to document the process in a bunch of poorly written blog posts that will essentially be to do notes, If I manage to restore my live stream setup, those might happen while I try to get things done.

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@linmob BTW, PureOS Byzantium does have libgtk-4 there. Backported and running ;)


@joao @linmob there's 4.4 which is good for looking at GTK4 migration but only 4.6 fixes some bugs regarding OSK activation and splash. is missing atm too. Not unfixable but the whole stack should move to crimson/bookworm to make use of all the usptream work does. It also gets more and more involved to have recent , etc.

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