📱Quick settings are moving to phosh's lock screen which gives us more always visible indicators too:

@agx By moving do you mean it will be going from the main desktop interface and will only be available on the lockscreen or it's coming to lockscreen as well?

Quick Settings on the Lockscreen and "Nach oben wischen zum Entsperren". I choose Location "Germany" and get "Swipe to Unlock" How i can get it?

@lanzelot Select Language German in g-c-c and make sure your distro generates locales properly. It's not specific. When the rest of your desktop doesn't switch to German either then something is wrong with your locale.

@agx It's a small detail but it would be better to hide the clock in the top bar. Otherwise it's ridiculous to have two clocks

@aurnytorink Not a detail at all. That got lost in one of the many branches I dragged around for gestures (thankfully they're fewer now): - thanks for noticing!

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