Polished up my weekend project a bit, made a webpage that tracks the amount of patches on top of the kernel.org linux for a few Linux phone repositories.


@martijnbraam Maybe it could also be used for other embedded things like routers?

@lanodan that would have the kernel tree so far away from mainline that the numbers become useless. This only works on something that's relatively mainline already

@martijnbraam you thinking about adding the librem 5 kernel to that list?

@joao Have not figured out how to get that data nicely, if I use the same diffing method I get a lot of commits from kernel.org mixed in

@martijnbraam @joao did you try the next/byzantium branch? We could also create a tag/branch that makes it simpler to derive the kernel version from it (/cc @merge

@agx @joao @merge If I try next/byzantium it detects it branching off from v5.15 instead of v5.15.5 so there's a bunch of unrelated stuff in there. This is detected with `git merge-base`

@martijnbraam @joao @merge if I read the code correctly that's because you look for a search base with master but the stable point releases are never merged back there. I think it's simplest if @merge publishes a tag top of linux 5.15 ?
He already looked at 5.16 so we could just use that as a base?

@agx @joao @merge That might work, I think I also just should support the stable tree because I have this issue with more kernels

@martijnbraam @joao @merge that works too, if I use stable/linux-5.15.y instead of origin//master as the base the result looks reasonable


@martijnbraam @joao @merge

Given that @merge 's camera driver for the selfie cam is already in -next which will reduce i2c/media and the redpine driver will switch to the mainline one (which will remove the largest chunk) the next big hunk is the dp-port phy (which I guess is on me).

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