It's been only three days since 0.13.0 but since then we already landed two usability improvements:

- A button to close all notifications
- A way to cycle through all feedback modes (on/quiet/silent) by Pablo Correa Gómez

and there's a bit more cooking for 0.13.1.

@agx awesome 👏 this is available only in byzantium right?

@pamaca this is not in any release yet (will be part of 0.13.1). But yes, only gets recent phosh nowadays since the amount of things to backport is just too much to backport to . Neat I was waiting for that button to be a reality. Great work ^^

@agx that clear all notifications button is something I've been dying to see in phosh. Looking forward to it.

@agx Did you further explore the experiment of showing a placeholder screen with the app icon until the app started you showed off a while ago?

@Alexmitter explored yes, coded no. There's a lot other (and lots of non ) things that I need to deal with first.

@agx Of course, I was just interested what came out of it.

@agx Noticed it, thank you. I hope khimaros will pick it up.
I am just not sure about the design from Bernard so far.

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