phosh 0.13.0 is out 🚀 :

Improved call handling when shell is locked, lockscreen notifications, high contrast theme support and much more. Check the release notes.

@agx Sounds great, thank you for your work! I'm using phosh on a Pinephone via Manjaro. I really like it so far, but a most obvious issue to me is that the UI (including scrolling) behaves very slowly. Is this due to the Pinephone hardware (and faster on the Librem) or do you see possibilities to apply further optimization/hardware accleration or similar?

@letterus @agx Might be useful to collect some metrics on the system, CPU and GPU load and so on, but I'm not sure if the system has anything built-in.
Maybe start by logging top(1) output while doing a few things on the phone and see where it spends all its time that isn't available for handling scrolling? top -b -d 1 > top.log
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