Based on @craftyguy 's -sdl work i added cryptsetup-initramfs support to the 's image-builder so one can build encrypted images too. There's more work needed for this to hit the factory floor but at least one can build own images with encryption once all is merged. The video shows the devkit since this a bit simpler to debug over serial:

... and here's the same from yesterday but on a .
For some reason chokes a little compared to the devkit. Patches are all out there now so everyone can build their own encrypted images.

-sdl changes are already merged upstream, thanks @craftyguy

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@agx @craftyguy Hmm, the plymouth chokes are curious. Any ideas what could be causing the dropping of the Librem 5 image here? I realize this is just an aesthetic issue, as the functionality is still there.

@Phaserune @craftyguy i didn't look yet but i'll need to fix that to reduce boot flickering.

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