I really wanted to skip through songs easily on my when carrying it around, so i hacked up a simplistic media player widget for using the protocol (wip code, don't try this at home yet)

@agx Nifty!

How easy is it going to be to add these? It would be fantastic to be able to display calendar appointments and/or todos from taskwarrior on the lock screen.

@okennedy Things like appointments will show up in the upcoming widget for notifications on the lockscreen that zander already laid out all the groundwork for.

@agx Is it modular though or does it require modifying Phosh itself? It would be nifty if there was a nice (and well documented) interface that could be used to create custom widgets.

@okennedy notifications have an established (and documented) cross desktop API. Generic lock screen plugins need more thought both code and design wise so we want to collect some use cases that can't be done via notifications first.

@agx A great point. Here’s a few ideas I have rolling around: (1) Context sensitive media controller that pops up when you’re on a specific WiFi network. (2) A quick text entry widget that invokes a script (e.g, for quick note taking). (3) Weather for the day. (4) A summary of upcoming events in the next 24 hours (not just notifications, but a calendar page). (5) A widget that shows the output of a script (formatted as a List?).

Looking forward to this feature evolving!

@agx (6) A hold and release button to trigger speech capture for an on-device voice assistant like Rhasspy.

Awesome!! What about skipping capabilities through Bluetooth? Like a car radio.

@micahbp that'd be another piece of software (that can live outside of ) that maps the mpris interface to bluetooth and it seems already does this: - now i need car that talks bluetooth so i can talk to it via the .

OK cool! I have a Camaro with Bluetooth and love being able to change songs via the radio and would of course LOVE to be able to do this once I switch to the Librem 5. Android emulation also would of course be awesome for YouTube Music and a couple other apps.

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