@agx @purism Looks good! Do those icons change depening on their status?
Can new quick settings be added? So that I would e.g. install a package for phosh-quick-setting-music or phosh-quick-setting-wlan to activate them? I guess to have it some kind of hackable and adjustable would profit the system.

@dukethereal @purism

Quick settings change state (e.g. when rotating the icon changes, when toggling feedback profile the name changes and son on) - i guess there will be videos soon.

There' s no plugin api but the shell picks up available hw/functionality (will become more obvious with more settings in the future).

@agx @dukethereal @purism Congratulations, every day Phosh looks better and more useful!

Please, consider adding a flashlight toggle too. It's handy to have it there. I use it very often

@jgarciao @dukethereal @purism Already tracked (source.puri.sm/Librem5/phosh/i) The shell side is rather simple but we need to get the lower layers in place first.

@agx @dukethereal @purism Good to know it's already being worked on. Thanks a lot!

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