Kind of pissed off that if you hang on to your old protest badges long enough they become relevant again, which is not how this is supposed to work.

The has decided not to broadcast an episode of 's , which will be available on catchup only, about environmental damage due to fears of rightwing backlash. This is the problem with our national broadcaster constantly living in fear that the government will cut its funding if it says anything they disagree with.

Birch bark roses curled up in a Cadburys Roses tin, ready for birch tar extraction at the conference


1-3 PM, Saturday, 18th February, at Cathedral Green

Meet by the statue – All are welcome

A recent court case has ruled there is no right to wildcamp on Dartmoor without the landowner's permission, ending the only legal right to do this in England

I don't understand how are allowed. We're slowly figuring out that converting more & more of the Earth's resources into toxic garbage, with maybe a few minutes of utility in the middle of the lifespan, is a bad idea & increasingly European countries are beginning to ban food containers and cutlery. So why are little plastic cannisters of nicotine-laced solution that can poison wildlife with an internal battery allowed to be used a few times & thrown away?

Something that makes me very "get off my lawn" in my old age is the way organisations and companies don't seem to update their websites anymore, they use social media instead. I've had to check for holiday opening hours on the pages for my local library, climbing gym, wholefood shop and garden centre, and only the garden centre had them, I had to go to Facebook or Instagram for the others.

This jar of pickles has now defeated me, my father and my brother. I know my folklore, I'm going ti have to marry whoever can open it now aren't I?

This is amazing. Paper retracted for low effort fraud, after someone spotted the error bars on its figures were just capital T's

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