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Okay I've just discovered Librem One federates with Gab, who I had thought were siloed off by the entire civilised Fediverse, so that's rather accelerated my plans to move to Planning to migrate over the next couple of weeks

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15k signatures added overnight, takes 2 minutes to sign and validate your email address.

"Commit to not amending the Equality Act"

#EqualityAct #TransRights #LGBT

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New invention to solve a shocking problem: , in use for 50 years, that use ir absorption to measure blood oxygenation don't work with darker skin.

"Studies in 2005 and 2007 using pulse oximeters...showed that the presence of skin pigment resulted in an overestimation of oxygen levels in the blood...(resulting) in inaccurate tests for African American patients, often resulting in less supplemental oxygen in ICU settings".

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Just found out that one of the girls who outed me in school and bullied me RELENTLESSLY for several years is now in a loving relationship with another woman.

And honestly? Good for her! They look super cute and happy together. Glad she finally ditched the demons who convinced her to hate herself and others for so long.

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but also it is a trope in knitting and spinning (and I think also weaving) that women* do fiber arts and their husbands* create boutique business to make tools for knitters etc to buy

(* people are not binary genders but the roles we are put in are extremely binary and I am speaking of roles here, not identities)

I have been doing this fiber arts thing for a minute (20 years) and that trope is _extremely true_. In going over all the small tool brands I could think of, I found one (Signature Needle Arts) that appeared to be founded by someone who isn't a man

these tools are named things like Lendrum and Bosworth because they are named after the one guy who makes them and when that one guy retires or dies there aren't any more that are made

brand after brand has an "about us" story that goes "$brand is a husband and wife team that started when $wife had a specific issue with her tools and $husband got obsessed with trying to solve it"

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today Judith said "if only, if only ONCE a woman would make a spinning wheel because then we could have a conversation. Men who make wheels, they do things and they pat you on the head and say that you don’t understand how things work”

let me begin by saying that the idea of anyone patting Judith Fucking MacKenzie on the head about her life's work is COSMICALLY ENRAGING

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okay I'm at a knitting retreat and I'm Mad so let's talk about gender and fiber arts

today I had a spinning class with Judith MacKenzie, one of the foremost living spinning and dyeing teachers

this Judith Mackenzie:

She's the sort of person who, when I showed her a yarn I bought that didn't satisfy me, noticed that not only was it spun too loosely (which I was pretty sure was the case), it was also spun backward. She was able to explain to me why that's a problem (the yarn comes untwisted as you knit with it) and ALSO she knows the mill owner and the person who runs the equipment and the HANGUPS of the person who runs the equipment (hangups resulting in yarn spun backward)

Judith is a treasure, the sort of person who can reduce the better part of a classroom of adult students to tears by passing around her collection of stone-age spindle whorls and telling us all to touch them with our bare hands because they are OUR history, and they belong in our hands because they are the tools of our passion and tools should be touched

I don't think Bancamp should do merchandise. You get all excited to get a notification for a new release by your favourite band and it it turns out to be a tote bag 😥

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As a CIA assassin recovering from amnesia

He has come to realize that not only can he literally kill

If you give him a wig and some make-up

He can also ... slay

Matt Damon stars in:

Bourne This Way

(It's a drag show)

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"The bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created...a triangle-framed bike can easily carry 10x its own weight—capacity no automobile, airplane or bridge can match.”

—Bill Strickland

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A striking visualisation of #climatechange: the date of Kyoto cherry blossoms' reaching full bloom, plotted over the past 1000 years.

Thanks to the cultural significance of cherry blossoms in Japan, we have data on the specific day of the year when a very particular species of cherry blossom (P. jamasakura) reached "full-flowering" (満開) in a specific area on the outskirts of Kyoto (Arashiyama), all the way back to 800 AD.

The trend of the past 50 years is hard to miss…

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Happy #ZeroWasteDay!

We need to substantially slow down our consumption of resources.

Let's learn to #repair, #reuse and #share as much as possible, and fight to put an end to the throw-away economy.

"We must massively invest in (...) policies that encourage people to re-use and recycle everything from plastic bottles to ageing electronics." said António Guterres.

#Repair is essential to unlock reuse & zero-waste, this is why we need a #RightToRepair.

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Seeing all those complain about how late trains are posts

and wondering why there is not a similar amount about cars.

On Monday we rented a car because on google maps the 60min metro travel was only 30min by car.

In reality it took us over an hour because the in car navigation systems took us to the wrong street first.

Never have I had that problem in a train!

#ClimateDiary #Autokorrektur

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Today's ruling that the immigration exception is unlawful is a victory for migrants’ data rights in an increasingly hostile environment in the UK that treats migrants as second class citizens. It's another instance of this government trying to chip away at the human rights framework post-Brexit.

This action wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of people who donated to the legal fund and who support our work.

#ukpolitics #dataprotection #immigration #gdpr

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UK folks, a reminder that you'll need photo ID to vote in May's local elections, thanks to government "reforms" to make it harder for those less likely to have them to vote, which tends to overlap with people less likely to vote for them.

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“A lucky French citizen who won $217 million in the EuroMillions lottery has used almost the entire sum of cash to start an environmental charity.“


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It’s just more badass when you call it Lion’s Tooth. Dandelion. Dent de lion. tooth from lion. Lion’s Tooth. #garden #gardening #permaculture

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RT @KetanJ0
Noticed that pro-climate-action accounts were stagnating or shrinking, and that denier accounts seemed to be ballooning. So - I checked, with some help, and....yep.

Elon Musk has made Twitter into a safe space for pro-fossil fuel disinformation. A 🧵

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