Something that makes me very "get off my lawn" in my old age is the way organisations and companies don't seem to update their websites anymore, they use social media instead. I've had to check for holiday opening hours on the pages for my local library, climbing gym, wholefood shop and garden centre, and only the garden centre had them, I had to go to Facebook or Instagram for the others.

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Is this a millennial thing, to expect there to be useful information on the website? Do gen Z just go straight to social media? Do I have to admit that I'm finally old? Should I have come to terms with that when I was planning a trip to a garden centre?

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Also desperately trying to justify my grumpiness in terms of wider social needs, but surely putting the information as text on the website is more accessible than in a Canva picture of a Christmas tree? Particularly unimpressed with you, Library

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@afewbugs My pet peeve has been Discord.
Don't get me wrong, it's a great tool, the servers are feature rich, the bots useful, integration with other services like OBS and Twitch and games an absolute masterpiece.
But it is synchronous, rolling and constant. It's not like a forum or a page, so don't put stable and important information on it and expect it to be a file server or bulletin board or about page!

@afewbugs it is so frustrating! I can see why some may think editing a webpage is too much faff, but surely they need to make sure the info is out there more easily? I hate having to go to Facebook!

really, the dissolution of twitter ought to be a stern lesson in what a horrid idea it is for organizations to only do updates to social media.

But I don't expect many to recognize it.

@afewbugs Even trendier pursuits like gig going suffer from this. Support acts, set times, curfew? Only on social media.

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