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@gnome let’s credit @sonny and @tbernard for putting together the application, defending the case, earning the grant and leading the development initiative 👏

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GNOME Foundation Executive Director Holly Million shares exciting updates on continuing work with the Sovereign Tech Fund and launching the GNOME Development Fund:

#GNOME #opensource

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#Chromium (and #Chrome) begins phasing-out Manifest v2.

This means, among other things, that uBlock Origin is about to be disabled in Chrome. Google will choose a different extension to recommend but it can not be as effective as #uBlock Origin.

Following #Google's example, may I instead recommend you switch to #Firefox.

Firefox will continue to support Manifest v2, and consequently uBlock Origin and other extensions that can not be implemented with Manifest v3.

Happy browsing.

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@amxmln There's been so much good that's come from the Sovereign Tech Fund giving GNOME 1 € million to work on important projects.

This Week In GNOME has a section with so much happening each week as a result.

(Several of these projects aren't even GNOME specific, but improve the stack for everyone, like many accessibility improvements.)

I can't even begin to imagine the impact if it were nearly 200× more per year.

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The Pipewire Camera Portal support for Chromium has finally landed!

This is great news, and means we'll soon start seeing real integration for cameras which are supported by libcamera through pipewire!


@Cfkschaller Wahoo! I can't wait to find out what @jangrulich will tackle next.

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With #Microsoft introducing #Recall which will screenshot your screen to monitor all activities on your device, this begs the question...

What #Linux distro will you be switching to?

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Professional game dev on Linux

"it’s been like 10 years since I last looked at any of this, and I really don’t care for this hard pivot to pushing AI into Windows that Microsoft is rolling out, so I figured it was time to check in on the state of Linux."

@howtomuslim Masha'Allah, this has to be one of my favorite profile in all of Mastodon. Such joy does it bring 🙂

@alice That was a doozy of a merge review. Thank you for sticking through it! 😀. It turned out great.

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Universal basic income mitigates tunneling, meaning that people are more able to think beyond just one focus. The need to earn survival income tends to function like blinders that block out everything else but your focus on basic needs. Until they're obtained, we can't think beyond.

@FluentInFinance I feel society would be better if there was overall more education.

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#GNOME picks of the day:

➡️ @gnome - Official GNOME account

➡️ @gnomeapps - Recommending GNOME apps every week

➡️ @ramcq - President of GNOME

➡️ @sonny - GNOME foundation director

➡️ @haeckerfelix - Author of "This Week in GNOME" blog

➡️ @Tuba - Fediverse app for GNOME

➡️ @EvolutionGnome - Personal information management

➡️ @gnomeboxes - Easily download & install OS in virtual machine

➡️ @GNOMELatam - GNOME conference in Latin America

➡️ @gnome_br - Portuguese-language GNOME account

🧵 1/2

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@erikwesselius @thomholwerda contrary to popular belief, GNOME isn't trying to hurt anyone with libadwaita. Every GNOME app was and will always be made for GNOME (except those who eventually decide not to), so nothing's changing on that front.

Before libadwaita, there was libhandy, which is essentially libadwaita for GTK3. Before libhandy, GNOME desktop-specific widgets were part of GTK, even though GTK also had its DE-agnostic equivalent widgets. So, what libhandy and libadwaita achieve is decoupling these GNOME desktop-specific widgets into its own collection of widgets specifically for the GNOME desktop.

In other words, libhandy/libadwaita literally made GTK *more* platform-agnostic by splitting itself. If anything, GTK was literally a "GNOME-ification of GTK" before libhandy and libadwaita happened. These platform-agnostic widgets are still and will remain available in GTK, and make apps that (theoretically) fit well on all desktops. A few examples of apps using GTK4 without libadwaita are Transmission and experimental versions of Inkscape.

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