With Meta entering the Fediverse, we really got to start supporting Meta alternatives that already exist on the Fediverse.

I'm talking about services like Friendica, Streams, @pixelfed, and @matrix.

So please reach out to Fediverse devs such as @dansup and @mike, and ask them how you can help.



@atomicpoet Does Matrix really count as being part of the Fediverse? If yes, then so would email, right?

@adam I'm fine with email being part of the Fediverse, although it's of a different generation.

@atomicpoet It can do all the same things Matrix does though. My understanding of the Fediverse was that it was a network of public social networks. I would say Matrix is a messaging protocol. Oh well, it's not important.

My philosophy hasn't changed since the 1970s. A message is a message. What transport network you worship on any given day isn't relevant.

@mike Yeah; choose person, type message, press send. It would be nice if the networks were connected to each other though.

@mike Seriously? Do you have 1000 messaging apps on your phones? :) I don't have time for that anymore! Haha

Nah I just use one. And yet here we are communicating across completely different apps using completely different software providers on completely different communication networks. Go figure.

@mike Yes, because these networks are connected and that's how it should be. How do you send messages to TikTok or WeChat or WhatsApp or Instagram or Signal or Discord or Slack users from here though?

Connecting to toxic dumps isn't my thing any more. Been there, done that.

@mike Ah ha! So the transport network is relevant after all? :) Yes, I feel the same way. Federated open stuff is so much better.

@adam @adam @mike Not only the network: the database, and the CPUs needed to process all that, and so on. In general, capacity of the instance.

@atomicpoet @adam@social.librem.one If people can solve Groups & people being able to communicate across the divide, I think you could get a lot of people to leave FB. Aside from inertia the three reasons I see most are: I can keep up with family and groups are high on why they stay. The other one is “I feel safe” and I don’t know how to provide them with compelling info beyond what is already out there.

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