@adaizen I'm not sure I understand Sybil, it seems that it is a tax of sorts. Am I right on this?

@rantipole Sybil lowers a pools potential, so in this, it is like a tax. Without Sybil, all pools would have the same desirability no matter how many pledges a pool received.

Did you see the post on Sybil?


@adaizen Yes I read that post it was helpful.

Is the only way to avoid Sybil tax to pledge 100%?

@rantipole Yes. Pledging 100% removes Sybil, at least that is how it looks to me.

I just updated the calculator to better reflect what is going on, Sybil Pool View highlights this.

@adaizen How much pledge is going to be needed to get into the top pools?

@rantipole I would say millions, pledging 10% or more.

The calculator has Pledge to Delegation Ratio to get you thinking along those lines.

@adaizen I noticed that, where does IOHK mention a pledge to delegation ratio?

@rantipole They don't. I added it because if Sybil, a0, is designed to prevent a person or persons form controlling the system, then only pools with a lot of pledge will get saturated.

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