For those node operators looking to mitigate their Intel exposer without porting to ARM, AMD EPYC 3101 processor runs Jörmungandr flawlessly.

# of CPU Cores 4
# of Threads 4
CPU Max Freq. 2.9GHz

Jörmungandr operating 1-Core, 4-Relays @ 24.0W


From book: Plutus: Writing reliable smart contracts by
, and Alejandro Garcia Fdz.

We are very excited to explore ways of representing all ACTUS contracts as smart contract implementations on Plutus!

Donald J. Trump IS a fan of Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies

First, let's start with the saying, do as do not as I say, to get what he is saying here.

1. Donald J. Trump IS a fan of Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies.

2. Central controlled cryptocurrencies are more like central banks and as such must comply like all central controlled banks.

3. The USD is weak, and as not dependable to be the single point of truth of value for the world.

A simple formula to gain insight into how secure stake pool is against Sybil attacks.

Good post @purism

The darker side of “control vs. freedom” or “control + harm” casts a shadow on every facet of technology—and it is a digital civil rights issue, where control over you by corporations is causing you harm, all the time, on all your devices.

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"Nothing I found quite hit that sweet spot. ...but then a colleague suggested I look into Purism. I fell in love and bought a Librem 13. It's been so great."

stake pool test-net is launching, and IOHK wants its users to submit data through a Goole doc, sad, very sad.

Sadly, some of Cardano's most steadfast supporters want to help but submitting, truthful, data through Google is not an option for those of us who believe and take action to mitigate our and our client's exposed to companies that exploit first.

will manage the "hassle" of setting up a data-intensive full node.

One more for Amazon.

Decentralization = hassle?

There are times this is one of those times. is operating on Amazon & is not open source 😞

"Soshen API which allows for developers and stake pool operators to easily run a blockchain full node by providing a full node service, which Soshen will manage, in order to enable developers to build on Cardano and stake pool operators to run stake pools without the hassle of setting up a data-intensive full node. "

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We believe in a decentralized Internet . Which is why we carry our conversations out on (Twitter is just a feed)

This way to the

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