To use , in general, requires some degree of and on other and . I don’t have the resources or skill to build my own laptop or host my own instance. But the degree of dependence matters. , for example, could decide to go out of business tomorrow and discontinue or phase out support for its , , and . Those who have become deeply dependent on the Apple would be up a creek.

@dallin "Degree of dependence" is a great point that I've also learned in this journey. My original goal was to totally drop Google. I've come to accept the fact that that's not very realistic (at this point in time). However, I can certainly lessen my dependence on Google...which I'm doing one step at a time.

I ditch every Google service I can that doesn't drastically effect my daily life. I search with DuckDuckGo, email is Librem One, etc. The only thing I can't really replace realistically right now is YouTube and Google Maps.


@micahbp I'm stuck on those two as well as Google Voice. I can't find a service that does everything it does. T-Mobile's DIGITS was the closest thing I could find, but I tried it and it was a total disaster. For maps, I keep meaning to try HERE but have heard very mixed reviews.

Never heard of HERE. I do want to check out Waze I believe it's called.

@micahbp Waze works really well. Unfortunately, it's owned by Google.

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