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I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the mail just now. The new parts are already here! Upgrade time!

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The and I ordered for my (Early 2009) should arrive sometime next week! I've been using it as my main desktop with only 3GB of and a 7200 rpm . Despite some lag here and there, it's running remarkably well on 19.3. I'm hoping the SSD upgrade will eliminate the lag. If not, I will try a lighter .

A long, but insightful read about the debacle in . This is horrific on so many levels. In the end, it’s the “ordinary people” - taxpayers and employees - who suffer for the incompetence and greed of government and corporate leaders. What a farce. What a disgrace.

This year I have been learning how to appreciate so many simple things I had taken for granted. My wife was craving a hamburger today. I made a run for some Carl’s Jr. for lunch. I must say, those burgers were delicious and really hit the spot. But more important than that: I was able to enjoy that tasty lunch with my family. In the comfort of my home. On a work/school day. It was just so...delightful.

Justice Department Files Long-Awaited Antitrust Suit Against Google

"The department alleged that Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., is maintaining its status as gatekeeper to the internet through an unlawful web of exclusionary and interlocking business agreements that shut out competitors."

I just ordered 8GB (max supported) RAM and a 1tb SSD to upgrade my Mac Mini (Early 2009). A perfectly capable and small-footprint desktop computer that should run Linux Mint 19.3 even more smoothly after the upgrades. Now to find a working replacement optical drive and it will be better than new!

“When a population becomes distracted by trivia, when cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, when serious public conversation becomes a form of baby-talk, when, in short, a people become an audience and their public business a vaudeville act, then a nation finds itself at risk; culture-death is a clear possibility.” - Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death, p. 156

Hello everybody.

First time here, so this is my #introductions. I am new to going away from social media (still clinging to facebook by my fingernails) and digital privacy. I program only as a hobby picking it up recently, but am passionate about it all. IRL I work as a Paleobiologist, which is not at all like Jurassic Park promised my career to be.

I would love any recommendations for having a secure, private and Google-free life.

I look forward to learning a lot here.

I used to believe that "You can't even connect to most websites in old operating systems [due to newer TLS requirements]".

Even Firefox with its own tls library and updated root certs doesn't have infinite back compat.

Does that mean there's no way to un-brick old PCs? Nope 😁

RetroZilla runs on Windows 95 and later, and supports TLS 1.2!

Finish the following command

We're designing #flockingbird mobile-first. As web-app, but primarily for mobile users.

Because that requires us to make choices and keep focus.

But... is mobile a good focus?
How do you use your fediverse?

T2 security chip on Macs can be hacked to plant malware; cannot be patched

TL;DR: all recent macOS devices are no longer safe to use if left alone, even if you have them powered down.

- The root of trust on macOS is inherently broken
- They can bruteforce your FileVault2 volume password
- They can alter your macOS installation
- They can load arbitrary kernel extensions

You don’t “own” digital content unless you are able to download DRM-free files that you can store on any medium (hard disk, thumb drive, etc.) and open/run/play with a compatible device of your choice.

“We care more about being His followers than being liked by our own followers.” - Neil L. Anderson

📈 The new social web has reached its next milestone: For the first time, the #Fediverse has over 4,000,000 users! 📈

Today, the counter at shows 4,003,742 users in the Fediverse, out of which 2,761,886 users are on #Mastodon, 762,367 on #diaspora, and 249,904 on #Prosody. Fast growing projects are #Peertube (69,954) that more than tripled and #Pixelfed (25,206) that almost doubled the number of users in the last year.

#matrix #pleroma #writefreely #friendica #wordpress +

"Procrastinating preparation leads to unsuccessful proving." - David A. Bednar

Today and tomorrow, I will be watching the of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is always a tremendously positive, uplifting, enlightening experience and this world sure could use more of that! All are welcome to watch/listen! I will likely be posting some quotes and thoughts.

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