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A quick :
~ I’m a , , ,
~ I love &
~ I’m concerned about individual &
~ I’m interested in & lifestyle
~ I enjoy the & & love visiting
~ Fav TV show is & also love , , & . No interest in , excited for the new series
~ I love things, especially from the &
~ In , I err on the side of

Best Star Trek TV series

Essential is shutting down & ceasing updates to their PH-1 phone. This highlights the inherent flaws w/ manufacturer-controlled smartphone software updates. Essential was gracious enough to allow installation of custom ROMs, but other Android users (& all iPhone users) don't have that option. Thankfully companies like @purism are seeking to responsibly shift this wasteful and unethical paradigm. You should be able to use your tech as you see fit, not at the whim of a corporation.

"Everyone fails at who they're supposed to be. The measure of a person is how well they succeed at being who they are."
--Frigga (Thor's Mother) from "Avengers: Endgame"

Can we agree that bendable screen tech is not yet ready for smartphone and tablet use? Durability has always been my biggest concern, and that concern continues to be justified.

SUCCESS! I now have an Essential PH-1 running !

I must say, the build quality is fantastic.

Apple canceled the project to encrypt iCloud backups two years ago due to pressure from the FBI because it "would deny them the most effective means for gaining evidence against iPhone-using suspects"

The Policing of the American Porch

Ring offers a front-door view of a country where millions of Amazon customers use Amazon cameras to watch Amazon contractors deliver Amazon packages.

[BOOST OK] When you use #mastodon, do you use single-column mode or multi-column mode?

WordPress plugin vulnerability can be exploited for total website takeover

The plugin at the heart of the matter, WP Database Reset, is used to reset databases -- either fully or based on specific tables -- without the need to go through the standard WordPress installation process.

According to the WordPress library, the plugin is active on over 80,000 websites.

I decided to get an Essential Phone, not a Razer Phone 1. I'm currently using an iPhone, so I'm used to not having a microSD slot. As long as I can easily get files on and off the device, I'll be fine. Plus, it's lighter and I think it looks nicer than the Razer. Hopefully getting onto it will be as easy as the instructions make it appear.

College students call for ban on facial recognition on campus

"On Tuesday, the digital rights group Fight for the Future announced that it’s teamed up with Students for Sensible Drug Policy to ban the biometric technology from university campuses. The groups have launched a website and toolkit for campuses that want to join in."

has access to almost anything you on because most of the data is . If you use an or , disable iCloud backups if you want greater protection.

I just discovered the Essential phone has no microSD slot. That's a HUGE drawback for me. May be a deal-breaker.

I've narrowed my next phone purchase down to two choices: and 1. Neither of them require any software other than adb to unlock the boot loader and flash a custom ROM. Neither of them require you to register with the manufacturer's website in order to unlock like , , and others do. I like the look of the Essential best - especially in white. But the Razer has front-firing speakers and a fantastic screen. Which would you choose?

I'm calling it. Nothing's working as it says it should in any guide I can find. I've tried multiple versions of multiple methods of flashing a custom recovery and loading a custom ROM. I've scoured forums looking for the errors I'm encountering, but nothing has been helpful in my situation. I will flash the stock ROM back to my Galaxy S5 and probably donate it to a local charity. Next move: purchase yet another new old stock device in an attempt to switch to .

So I tried flashing several different versions of TWRP on the S5 but none of them would boot into recovery. I successfully flashed a stock ROM back onto it, so I know I didn't brick it. I'll try updating to the latest supported version of the "official" OS before attempting to install again.

I will not give up. There are still more things I can attempt with my Galaxy S5 to try to get on there. Next I'm going to try several different versions of and see if ADB sideloading will work with any of them. Worst case, I'm only out my time and $100. I will buy a different phone if I have to, but I have GOT to break free of Apple's walled garden and Google's shameless data-mining and tracking.


How open-source code could help us survive natural disasters

"Open source data and technology can help us harness the potential of millions of minds coming together to share experiences and collaborate on solutions in a way that no organization or government can do on their own."

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