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I miss being able to go to the temple. It truly is the House of the Lord - a place we can go to feel close to him and bring an extra measure of peace and joy into our lives. I live a mere 15 minute drive from a temple, and I confess I have often taken it for granted. I look forward to the day when temples around the world are fully open once again. I hope to never take temples for granted again, and to go as often as I can.

Praying for all those affected by the horrific explosion in . What an awful situation.

Purism is hiring!

We are looking for an On-site Operations Director here in Carlsbad, CA.

This role involves:

- Facility Management
- Hiring, Contracts, Terminations
- Operational Management
- Quality Control
- Shipping, Receiving, Returns, Repairs
- Assembly Management
- Manufacturing Management

If interested, please apply here:

Purism is hiring!

We are looking for an On-site Electronics Engineer here in Carlsbad, CA.

This role involves:

- good electronics engineering skills
- BOM management
- working with design tools like CAE and CAD
- experience in hardware debugging
- assisting and collaboration with software team
- free software / open source oriented
- ...and more

If interested, please apply here:

I believe we are all children of God. That makes us brothers and sisters. So I ask you, my brothers and sisters, to not let fear and hate and anger divide our families, our communities, our world.

I may disagree with you on whatever issue, but I will not hate you. I need you. We need each other. If we are to weather this storm, we must do it together. Don't let our differences divide us. Alone we are weak. Together we are invincible.

What a year. This one really hits me hard. is one of my all-time favorite shows and I was always impressed by Grant's ingenuity, resourcefulness, and humility. He seemed like a genuinely good man and a great person to know. He will be missed. Rest in peace, Grant Imahara. And thank you.


I just discovered @write_as. I've been looking for a good FOSS blogging/writing platform and I think I've just found it!

"This has been going on for years and is an essential part of the mobile app economy."

Unless you remove the financial incentive, there's no hope for on Android/iOS. Their app ecosystems are built on selling user data and no amount of prompts or checkboxes can fix it.

This is disturbing, but not surprising. And it only reaffirms to me the need to support technology companies that believe in supporting their products long-term as well as making them easy to repair and upgrade. Don't listen to the that tries to make you believe it's necessary to "upgrade" every 1-2 years or sooner. If you do your homework and invest in the right tech, it can easily last you a decade or longer. can also extend the life of your computers and mobile devices.

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Humans left behind a record amount of e-waste in 2019

"2019 set a record for the amount of e-waste ever generated worldwide: 53.6 million metric tons of discarded phones, computers, appliances, and other gadgets. That’s more than the combined weight of all the adults in Europe. It’s also a 21 percent increase since 2014, according to a new international report."

Remember ? I just rediscovered several family blogs I made on Blogger. They're like virtual time capsules. I miss blogs and personal websites. I don't think corporate-owned social media networks are an adequate replacement for dedicated, intentional blogs. Everything on social media gets buried in a deluge of inane news feed posts and algorithm-promoted content. The decentralized blog/personal website model may be less convenient, but it is better.

Announcing the all-new Librem 14

A powerful 14" laptop in a 13" footprint

- Core i7-10710U (Comet Lake) Processor, 6 cores & 12 threads
- Up to 32GB DDR4 memory
- Output 4K Video to two displays

More about the Librem 14:

Locking arms for racial harmony in America

"Unitedly we declare that the answers to racism, prejudice, discrimination and hate will not come from government or law enforcement alone. Solutions will come as we open our hearts to those whose lives are different than our own, as we work to build bonds of genuine friendship, and as we see each other as the brothers and sisters we are — for we are all children of a loving God."

How old is your primary computer?

President Nelson Shares Social Post about Racism and Calls for Respect for Human Dignity

"The Creator of us all calls on each of us to abandon attitudes of prejudice against any group of God’s children. Any of us who has prejudice toward another race needs to repent!"

See link for full statement: newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.o

YouTube auto-deletes comments with phrases critical of Chinese government

Comments with 共匪 (“communist bandit”) or 五毛 (“50-cent party”) disappear in seconds.

I have much respect for John Krasinski and believe he started with the best of intentions. But I think selling the show to , putting it behind a paywall, and changing the host will make it LESS accessible to people. And much less authentic. I'm sure he wasn't intending to keep it going by himself long-term. But at least keep it on . Or better yet, on a platform like that is truly more accessible to everyone.

Today we drove nearly an hour to the nearest In-N-Out Burger for lunch. We ate in our car, then drove home. So worth it.

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