Hey hey hey! This is my first mastodon toot ever! Thank you @purism for the umbrella of apps. It was needed.

This is truly liberating. I hope to degooglify myself by the end of this week.

By the way, is it possible to use a custom domain and still use the mail app?

Oh and I see a @lunduke. Good to see you here.

@devmaster64 @purism @lunduke

Librem Mail seems to be just rebranded K9-mail fork so you should be fine with own domain.

I'd recommend own mail server or if you don't have a time, team up with one of the small libre providers like

@nedelne_rano @purism @lunduke

Very interesting. Unfortunately Indie Host has temporarily stopped taking in new registrations.

I already self host my nextcloud. May be I should try email too. The last time I checked everyone was saying that self hosted email is difficult but may be things have changed.


Oh my goodness. This is a treasure trove! Thank you for this!

@gray @devmaster64

so it seems it was issues with their configurations.. More ppl selfhost their email, data, web, easier it will be.

I'm running various email servers over 15y and I didn't encounter problem which couldn't be solved yet.

@devmaster64 @nedelne_rano @purism @lunduke

@protonmail is a nice email service. The only drawback is you need their app on your mobile phone and Bridge on your laptop/desktop computer.

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