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“A death certificate would say he died of sepsis from a bone infection, but my friend and I have a term for the illness that killed him: end-stage poverty. We needed to coin a phrase because so many of our patients die of the same thing.”

Excellent essay by a US doctor describing how many of her patients suffer (and die) not from their illnesses but from the wildly precarious economics of their lives

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XZ Vulnerability: "Original Maintainer burns out, and only the Attacker offers to help ... so Attacker inherits trust built up by the Original Maintainer" (#OpenSource)

And if you are curious about the #xz #compromise, a little update on the #Debian site:

As already written, the archive processing is currently off (nothing new coming to testing/unstable/experimental, no mirror updates pushed out).

Automated build daemons for the affected architectures have been stopped, and only two of them regenerated with a clean #stable environment. They are building for the security archive only, nothing else, right now. That part is safe.

Members of the Release, FTP, Security, Build-Daemon and Sysadmin team are discussing what the next steps are. There are multiple different ways that can be taken, with different drawbacks and amounts of work involved.

Also, it is not yet fully known what the malicious code all could do, so there might be much more that needs to be done later - or not. Unknown as of now, needs the analysis of it to finish, which is not easy nor fast.


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Remember, Autistic people are monotropic, our brains prefer singular, detailed attention tunnels. If there is too much pressure on our monotropic brains, monotropiv split happens.

Too much monotropic split can result in Autistic burnout.

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They don't want homeless people concentrating, forming communities, and establishing themselves in one area, because that starts looking less like isolated "bums" and more like a capitalist refugee camp.

This is some serious cyberpunk dystopia shit, where poor people live below ground and the rich up high.

article from David Robie, journalism professor and reporter of Rainbow Warrior bombing:

Work in progress: pencilling the Tathra wharf, on the NSW south coast (Yuin country).

#drawing #Tathra #mastoart

Israel Accused of a “pattern of genocidal conduct” Against the People of #Gaza

People in Orkney will again gather on the steps of St Magnus Cathedral between 1 and 2pm on Saturday 13th of January calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The International Court of Justice has been hearing the case brought by the Republic of South Africa against the state of Israel of committing genocide on the people of Gaza. The South African legal team has told the International Court of…

A Guernica Palestina pode estar sendo pior que a Guerra Civil Espanhola, mas, em ambos casos, a imagem retrata a dor dos sobreviventes e o horror da barbárie.

He argued with his brother for days for the biggest pumpkin just to produce this.

I started my day today with an energising shout with my #XR friends who are facing court today for their actions to call out the oil and gas lobby speeding up the era of global boiling we are all now in.

When I shouted “when our planet is under attack, what do we do?”
To which everyone else shouted “stand up, fight back!”

And then we sang “dirty deeds, done dirt cheap”.

📹️ Video pans around the front of the court house showing several banners with slogans highlighting the #ClimateCrisis

Celeste Liddle – ‘Remaining an “undecided Indigenous voter”, therefore, in the public sphere, provided me with some space to explore and amplify the diversity of Indigenous viewpoints, while also focusing on truth-telling — an order of business from the Uluru Statement which I had always felt should have been the first step’


free! ebook! from verso!

about the immense, powerful and oppressive surveillance technology built by israel (which gets tested out on Palestinians and then sold to whatever regime also fancies oppressive surveillance and control)

Remember Pegasus? Cellebrite? both exports from Israel's high tech military industrial complex

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