There will be music. I'm at GAFilk, the Georgia Filk Convention. This is my 9th year. I wouldn't have made it this year but for my old friend, Blind Lemming Chiffon, who is paying the hotel bill for my wife and I. No better way to start a year than with music and friends... and my triple-boot Kudu 3... There will be video resulting from this, to be found on my YouTube page. Such video will not show the Kudu.

I also need to learn Portage to update Calculate. And somehow it didn't set my login with access to sudo.

I installed Calculate Linux. It wasn't difficult but there were a lot more options than I'm used to dealing with. I installed the LXQt version. for some reason the desktop icons are easier to set in the live than in the installed version. I'll need to check with their forums tomorrow. But it looks really good!

So... Should I install Calculate Linux or take the easy path and go with FerenOS?

@princeshoko I have 4 left. Including putting one in the T430 I'm selling. But one of my listeners has offered to buy it so it's no longer on eBay. I did just post the IdeaPad to eBay.

Happy ChrisYulKwanzukkah everyone! I've got one more podcast this year, with the mintCast team.

@neil not bloody likely that I'll ever have the money to order 10 SATA cables...

An old friend ordered me a couple 256Gb SSDs. Amazon goofed and sent me a box of 10 of them. I'm working to incorporate them into my spinning metal life. Lexar N100...

Episode 008 of Distrohoppers' Digest is out. Https:// if you can't find it at you favorite podcatcher.

I have seen since podcast recommendations here. Please don't forget mintCast or Distrohoppers' Digest.

In the year I've been on mintCast, the team has built our average downloads per episode up to over 3,300. Distrohoppers' Digest is now averaging 330. And I have a Sponsus:

@Linux4Everyone Pearl Desktop 8 has a lot going for it, as a hybrid of XFCE and LXDE with a lot of Compiz Fusion thrown in. What it isn't is snappy; what it is is gorgeous with a lot of Mac-ness thrown in. Only one dev for this baby, and he is kinda ultra-conservative (gotta wipe a few things you may not agree with in Firefox and Kodi), and the repos are down often, but it's definitely fun.

Looking for something different? Distrohoppers' Digest Episode 007 is out, with reviews of OpenMandriva Lx 4 and MX Linux 19, by a couple of old guys who have never been computer professionals. We love Linux, and we're doing this for FUN! distrohoppersdigest.blogspot.c

Episode 7 of Distrohoppers' Digest will be recorded this coming Wednesday, October 30, and should be available at podcatchers on Friday Nov. 1. November will be a long month for a variety of reasons, and we will record Episode 8 on my birthday, December 4.

@linuxtechmore I'm moving away from Google as much as possible. My view of Ad$en$e is that it should be avoided.

I recently came into a Galago Pro (2, I think), and have just arranged to acquire a Kudu3 in an equipment swap. A bit of counting chickens here, but I never thought I'd have the money or luck to own a System76 machine and now I'm going to have two of them!

I just posted an AccuNAS AN6L+B for sale on eBay if anyone is interested. Fully populated with 1 Hitachi 1Tb drive, 4 Samsung 1 Tb drives and 1 Seagate 2 Tb drive. Hasn't been used since the owner died (bequeathed it to me) 5 years ago. I'm looking for a really good 17" laptop, Lenovo or Dell. Make offer.

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