An old friend ordered me a couple 256Gb SSDs. Amazon goofed and sent me a box of 10 of them. I'm working to incorporate them into my spinning metal life. Lexar N100...

@zaivala They'll get their own back. You'll order 10 sata cables and they'll only send you one

@neil not bloody likely that I'll ever have the money to order 10 SATA cables...

@zaivala Yea 10 is pretty nice. Glad you at least got what was ordered and a few extra. Still confused how they got the number 10 out of the original number.

@princeshoko I have 4 left. Including putting one in the T430 I'm selling. But one of my listeners has offered to buy it so it's no longer on eBay. I did just post the IdeaPad to eBay.

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