Fastxt v0.1.0 is launched!

Fastxt, as a sister project to Local Native, with very similar design and toolchain, is a decentralized cross-platform application to manage your text, currently available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Local Native @ Rust NYC 2019 Sep Talk [Remake]
in HXNYC 2019 Class

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Local Native v0.3.8 发布

What is new?

This Local Native release marks as a personal milestone to satisfy my day to day use case for web bookmarking and note taking with title, url, tags and description.
Search, create, read, delete and pagination are implemented for desktop (gnu/linux, mac), browser extension (firefox, chrome/brave) and mobile (ios, android).
On desktop, time-series charts ...

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Why Local Native?

It seems applications today are "Cloud Native" by default. For end user, it becomes expected for a "meaningful" application to have all its data available on all the devices all the time. However this assumed convenience comes with drawbacks:

performance for certain feature

Network is still slow, hence caching and syncing cache with remote datastore is a normal practice to boost user experience at the cost of ...

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