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I always knew it was bad, but never this bad. The #RMS resignation from #FSF seems to have shaken loose all the conspiracy theorists and devotees. Its mailing lists and forums are full of them, still distracting from the public charitable interest of the non-profit.

So many blinded by hero worship that they don't realize the viral poison said hero had on the #FreeSoftware movement. The immaturity of these folks is arguably the biggest blocker of software freedom from widespread adoption.


Unprecedented: I disassembled and reassembled my laptop and have zero screws leftover.

Just got Marohn's "Strong Towns" book. Simultaneously compelling and infuriating.

Vitruian Man is coming to the Louvre next month. Hell yeah.

Why does mpd have wayland as a dependency? What even is going on?

Europe: where the healthcare is free, but it costs €0.60 to take a leak.

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‪LO! What hath ARPAnet wrought? #celebrating 50 years since the first LOgin attempt on 02-SEP-69 from a @UCLA ASR33 and IMP to the @Stanford SDS-940 the first breath of the INTERNET #vintage #networking @ComputerHistory ‬

I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time not realizing that GNU LibreJS lets you selectively run scripts on the page.

When your last precedent is you probably have a problem

We're in a weird timeline where it's now considered reactionary to say the developed world middle class needs to change our behaviors for ecological reasons

Happy Janmashtami! May your human pyramids stack ever higher!

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