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I finally got my Norman braised chicken recipe the way I like it, so I thought I'd share with the fedi-foodie-verse

Every year or so I try to transfer my GnuPG keyring to a new machine and wind up half-writing the same rant, over and over again, about how while it's nice that they are absurdly paranoid about incredibly improbable corner-case threats, the end result is to keep people from using it. Pinentry is the current example. Yes, I agree, it provides a form of protection against a threat vector that I'm not worried about. And in the process it makes the suite unusable without docs-groveling.

After a month in Europe I'm not sure that actually does anything other than make me click "OK" and then receive the exact same tracking.

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If your platform entertains the like of those whose mantra is to harm others, you can't turn around and say you're defending the victims of said harm.

I'm a recovering sysadmin who just moved to Paris. I'm interested in , , , , / , and a non-exploitative online experience. and programmer. Learning and . Rank beginner at . he/him.

So, phone interview tomorrow, though still no word about what time. Here goes nothing.

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