New little feature on this weekend: the account page will now display the number of followers a user has, and also in which server that account is the most popular.

Hope this will help users find more niche servers that host the communities they want to be part of! Also if you are on a server like that bans and you want to move, this is now my recommended way to find a new home

@vincent Hey there! I appreciate the work you've done on and find it very useful - but I've seen some concern from artist friends about their work being mirrored without consent. Could you please consider adding the ability for Twitter account owners to opt-out of the mirror service? Also, it would be *really* awesome if there was a mechanism to redirect a mirrored account's followers to their real Mastodon account if/when they make the jump here - could you please consider adding that functionality as well?

@baralheia I’m not sure it is possible on this end. Anyone can spin up an alternative instance of that doesn’t honour that since it’s open source. Stuff like that should be implemented on Twitter’s side

Working on a feature to help people find the people they want on the fediverse if they know their Twitter handle too

@vincent How would one go about preventing from mirroring an account from the Twitter side?

@vincent Repeatedly responding to requests for you to stop stealing artists' work by saying that other people could theoretically steal their work and therefore you will continue to do so is, the nastiest, slimiest, most vile way to respond. I hope you get sued.

Everyone everywhere should defederate from for its owner's unethical policy and abusive attitude.


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