New little feature on this weekend: the account page will now display the number of followers a user has, and also in which server that account is the most popular.

Hope this will help users find more niche servers that host the communities they want to be part of! Also if you are on a server like that bans and you want to move, this is now my recommended way to find a new home

@vincent didn't even realise had banned it rip

luckily my server owner @stux is pretty cool with it, as well as @thatonecalculator who operates my Calckey server (albeit Calckey doesn't really let me follow, but it's not on the servers end)

@thatonecalculator @experiencersinternational Care to elaborate on the why? There’s stuff I might be able to tweak to make a better fediverse citizen. well I'm generally against the whole birdsitelive idea as a whole (since I think fedi and twt should be separate entities), but probably the biggest thing to do would be making sure that posts from twt accounts are rare limited at a much higher rate than that does by default and make sure the accounts are marked as bots (last time I checked they weren't?)

@experiencersinternational @thatonecalculator yeah, it’s been like that for a while. I found that there is only @IceCubesApp that displays that accounts are bots as much as I’d like (both in profile and on the home feed)

@thatonecalculator @experiencersinternational that’s some good feedback, thanks!

Re: rate limiting, what did you find was too much? Too many posts, media, replies, accounts? Or more like the traffic was too bursty?

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