So it looks like Twitter has banned all third-party clients this morning, but is unaffected.

So this mean that for example Tweetbot users could switch to @ivory + to get back the lost functionality. A loss to the Twitter network, but a gain for the fediverse.

If I could help indirectly the mastodon app ecosystem to grow like that, it would make me quite happy!

@vincent @ivory great news! Not wishing to jinx, how come you've managed to come away unscathed? is so useful and makes me miss twitter much less!

@gpollara @ivory Because I'm not using the official twitter API, but the one they use internally for the web page. They can't kick me out without breaking their own site!

@ivory @vincent my mastodon server apparently doesn’t allow I’m using rss and it’s still working. I don’t think they can stop rss (and your service) easily

@vincent If they try hard enough I suppose they can block (which is why I want to encourage people to make fediverse accounts so I can subscribe natively) but glad to hear it is alive for now.

@vincent novice question from me (I think maybe my instance has blocked Not sure how to find out). Accounts I’d already set up I see are suspended, and new ones not showing up. Can you tell if this is my instance?

@jesscourtney Yeah blocks all twitter replicators by policy, if you want to use any of those you will have to move servers

@vincent ah, thanks for the confirmation. Do you happen to know how to check who blocks what so that I can be sure before setting up a different account? Sorry, info is probably listed somewhere..?

@jesscourtney You have to check the server policy, but here are the most popular servers that fetch from if you have a vibe-match with one of those:

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