@YorkshireTea interesting tweet from senger, nothing in these leaks about the initial decision to lockdown

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BREAKING: "Red alert" as approximately 100 red balloons spotted in sky over Berlin.

@bigl0af @Johncdvorak this is the simplest form of money laundering. Italian football already did it, nothing new !

@Syberia i am grateful for everything in my life, living where i always wanted to away from the madness of the rest of the world and surrounded by GREAT friends and family ! :)

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Something I learnt about only recently (it may have been on here): for many arxiv preprints, if you replace the "x" in the url with a "5", you will get a nice accessible html :html5: version!


Works quite well for reading on your phone in the train for example 👍

@waltercool as i read recently somewhere the ultimate turing test will be the ability to express politically incorrect opinions

@boatingaccident "If you had balls, you'd just put a stock on it." 💯

@waltercool see prosoundweb.com/the-great-pyra

"Being a musician myself, I was especially interested to discover a patterned musical signature to those resonances that formed an F-sharp chord. Ancient Egyptian texts indicate that this F-sharp was the resonant harmonic center of planet Earth. F-sharp is (coincidentally?) the tuning reference for the sacred flutes of many Native American shamans"

See also gizapyramid.com/Leone1.htm

@waltercool i dont remember the context exactly but i remember reading abt F# being a special frequency. Will update when i remember. Something to do with resonance etc.

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Dear BitcoinHackers.org members, I plan on winding this instance down in the coming months as Nostr matures.

There will be plenty of warnings and time. But please look into Nostr and/or alternative instances.


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"The banker turned fraud who issues the first uncovered money title is in fact a “political entrepreneur.” He “tests the market” to discover how far he can go in violating property rights without encountering resistance." - Guido Hülsmann independent.org/pdf/tir/tir_07

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