@Syberia this literally happened to me recently.. genius of a builder had made a hole on the surface but not cut through the concrete underneath 🙃

@smartbrain I would reply formally with dear xx, go fuck yourself

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It is such a hoax. You really have to be mentally disturbed to believe it!

@Syberia i didnt understand the relation witht the question about the two sons

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RT @mikegermano
Hand delivered our newest @bitcoinmagazine to the Federal Reserve. You can’t censor #Bitcoin, @_joerodgers or this issue. Print magazines not money.

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@CaptLuke she means "except me". Chances are she's a hardcore lefty who wants the exact same things as the rest of the left, except her in control

@verretor strange. I do actually have a good commentary if you want

@verretor neighbours aren't real (and birds are drones 😂)

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