@obsolete29 Too bad Brave runs on Chromium but I guess it was easier to fork that Quantum or whatever FireFox used before (Gecko?). Brave has really figured out how to make money with a browser without insulting the user.
@josh @obsolete29 do you think Brave will reach Firefox-userbase-size status or just chill as a sub-100M browser?
@Lil_Hog @obsolete29 Has Brave not already eclipsed FireFox? Kind of surprised. I think Brave will continue to grow. Brendan Eich is a skilled businessman.
@josh @obsolete29 Brave's MAU is ~40M while Firefox's MAU is ~200M, IIRC.

Brave has been steadly increasimg its userbase while FF kinda stagnated.
@Lil_Hog @obsolete29 FireFox is proof positive of diversity hires being awful ideas.

>Eich starts company.
>Beats the only other browser in existence.
>Dabs on gays.
>Company kicks out Eich.
>Hire gays to repent.
>Company is ruined.
>Eich starts new company.
>Hires egalitarian.
>Beats old company.

what a chad.
@josh @Lil_Hog @obsolete29 I'm surprised myself that I could switch so easily for Brave. There's no need for Trannyfox anymore.

@verretor @obsolete29 @Lil_Hog @josh is there a (reasonably convenient) way to run brave without the BAT bullshit?

@verretor @ademan @Lil_Hog @josh @obsolete29 What do you just have it turned off or just not signed up or something? I thought it just generated it on its own?
@Mossad @verretor @ademan @josh @obsolete29 it generates when an ad pops up. If you turn it off it doesn't generate any ads sou you don't get any BAT.

You can even disable that BAT icon too.
@Lil_Hog @ademan @josh @obsolete29 @verretor Thats good to know, i like the idea i just think Brave has a shit implemenation of it.

@verretor @obsolete29 @Lil_Hog @Mossad @josh @ademan just to weigh in on this, bromite is better for the phone imho

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