#Bitcoin #ta Bit of an update, seems the Daily has flipped to the Bear regime. Have I seen this during longer-term uptrends? Yes, I have. This puts the focus on possible retracement, which I'm estimating at 6500 worst-case. Magnitude is always difficult, but I try. I'm not giving up the ghost on 10k, just that we'll have to waver between here and there. Best scenario would be a slight deflection before resuming the uptrend.

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@TallTim u think we’re in the sort of bull regime where u just wait for the dips as a simple dca guy? Or is that to be confirmed? Not that it makes any diff to me, interesting to see ur short and concise ta summaries!

@vbhide My stuff works on estimating probabilities of regime changes. So on the Daily, I think we're vulnerable to a retrace. On the longer term Weekly/Monthly, I would say the trend is still bullish.

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