Fresh install of v24.06 with Gnome shell on a , connected to wifi and charged to 100%. After that, it has been sitting idle (except when checking battery) for 52 hours straight. Bat now at 22% with another 12.5 h to go according to upower -d. If that holds, it means ~64 h, or just short of 3 days, of idle time!

Downgraded my daily OP6 from Edge to v24.06, but bat -10%/h and suspend not working reliably. Wonder how much juice running cellular and more stuff use?

:postmarketos: v24.06 "The One With Over 250 Devices" is out now!

* @alpinelinux 3.20
* @gnome 46
* @plasmamobile 6.05
* @phosh 0.39
* #Sxmo 1.16.3
* New ports in "community": Generic X86_64, ThinkPad X13s, Nexus 10, MS Surface RT
* Devices from "testing" category included for the first time!
* New keyboard mappings for chromebooks
* New UIs: cage, moonlight
* Logbookd
* Lots of kernel upgrades, improvements and bug fixes

Thanks to all who contributed! :blobcatheart:

@joelselvaraj Fantastic, great work! Any idea when this will be possible on e.g. ?

I am adding to my list of evil crap-companies. This time for not letting me authorize a windows 10 installation with . Old adobe account can only be used once and newly created account not recognized. This means that I, as an honest and tax paying citizen, can't read ebooks borrowed from my local library.

What is the best practise re battery on with and ?
I have tried auto suspend, which makes battery last 12-18h on one charge, while I only get max 10h without. Unfortunately I experience frequent random wake-ups from suspend for no apparent reason with the problem of unwanted button presses on the drop down menu, activating flight mode, turning flashlight on or changing other features available from that menu quickly draining battery.
Anybody else seeing this?

Great news for Gnome-Mobile users on postmarketOS. Now you can trigger the keyboard with a double tap on the bottom bar. You can type in Qt or other apps that don't trigger the keyboard automatically. Thank you @verdre !

#gnomemobile #postmarketos #mobilelinux

@linmob Thanks, will do that. I just happened to set up my 2nd now with the stable branch of as my 1st was edge with . Needed a more stable daily driver.

Also, with stable and phosh, I have had some trouble routing the audio to right speaker/mic. There is always an option called "Headphones", even if there are no headphones connected, and pmos seems to default to them and, hence, preventing audio in phone calls. Need a way to disable that audio option.

I am running the latest stable version of (23.12) on my Oneplus 6, and the version is 0.33.0. Is there a way to upgrade to the latest stable phosh release 0.39.0?

Following years of operating at a loss, the @gnome Foundation is at a turning point in its history.

Here is my advice to the upcoming board, as a former board member myself, and as the Director of Program Development of another foundation.

@gnome @williamtries Very nice guide, going to try on my 2nd soon. Have you managed to get the OSK working in Telegram? If so, how? I am having problems with the OSK not activating in several apps, including TG Desktop, but so far I only tried edge with -mobile.

Massive leak at #Google confirms what we have all known for years, just how much is tracked, stored, and monetized.

Even clearer now how Chrome tracks and reports EVERYTHING you do. For heavens' sake delete it now and move to Firefox

Also they've outright lied for years about their data collection and search practices.

Looks like 'Don't be evil' wasn't enough. ;)

Just, get off Google products already!

...aaaand I was back! And in time for lunch! 😂

The experience with #postmarketos and #gnomemobile was really not bad, but with some catches. Here's some considerations:

I used #Podcast app for #Gnome to listen some podcasts. I downloaded them in a spot with 4G connection and listened while pedaling. It worked okay, but it seems that the pause command originating from the button on the bluetooth headset is ignored.

Also used #Monophony as a #Spotify replacement. It worked very well: when the playback was suspended due to lack of connection, it was resumed automatically when the connection returned available (this doesn't work well even for Spotify on Android...!).

About #GnomeMaps, it was okayish... It obtains a GPS fix in a matter of seconds, and the directions seems accurate (and there's support to bicycle directions), but there's no way to tell it to follow the GPS marker: you have to press the "center on gps position" button every few seconds. If you keep the phone in hand and inadvertitely touch a part of the screen, it selects that position and hides the track you were following. This is very inconvenient: the directions are still there, in the directions list, but the track is hidden from the screen and the only way to make it reappear is to cancel it and re-insert all the fields... There's also no support for #turnbyturn navigation...
But I must say the new #vector #map is awesome: crisp even in hi res displays and very legible, it should be set as the default imho.

I could download #gpx tracks I had already in my cloud (using #gnome file manager configured with my #nextcloud #webdav address), but I couldn't transfer to my #bryton cycle computer, because it seems that #usb #otg is not supported on my #oneplus 6T, and the bryton device wasn't recognized nor mounted.
To this, it would be beautiful if Gnome Maps could allow to save some directions as .gpx file to be sent (once the usb otg thing is fixed) to a cycle computer.

Gnome Mobile behaves very well. The experience in the files app is not very touch friendly, but it kinda works. The lockscreen bug happened again, but this time I could manage to unlock the device without force restarting it. I believe it's some kind of focus snafu, because I could drag the numeric keypad up and down, but it didn't snap to the full open/full close position, it just moved with my finger. The keys were highlighted when pressed, but no character was inserted. The key for opening the alphabetic keyboard or the one for the emergency call didn't do anything when pressed. At last, playing with the upper droprown, I was able to somehow make them to work, insert the code and unlock the device.

Maybe tomorrow I will try to write this braindump in a more legible way and file some bugs to the relevant projects...
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Web Apps lets you install websites as desktop apps, to be displayed in their own window. You can set a custom name or icon and choose which browser features will be enabled. Pick if you want to show loading bars or enable JavaScript, then have your new web app added to your desktop applications list. Use the net in a whole new way with Web Apps!

You can follow the app's creator here: @eyekay

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gnome #apps #flatpak

Note that with all of this in place, camera support on a lot of other devices is in close reach. For example the #OnePlus6 and #SHIFT6mq should only need kernel patches enabling the camera sensors. The softwareISP should then - at least in theory - "just work". Well, fingers crossed :)

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Struggled to install #PostmarketOS on my OnePlus6, I think due to an android-tools issue. Then - to my delight - found that the #UbuntuTouch installer had it as one of the options and it worked perfectly.

After a few pmbootstrap issues and some help from the @postmarketOS Matrix room, I am now the proud owner of _two_ Linux phones!

#LinuxMobile #LinuxOnMobile #pmOS #postmarketOS #GNOMEMobile #Linux #Phones

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