@isyourbrainFOSS @e8johan @jlcrawf@social.librem.one I am using a separate LineageOS phone for that. I never carry it around.

I see no mentions of this anywhere, repos and forums still not accessible. Is it just me?

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Purism's servers seem to be down, can't access home page, forums or repos since several hours.

@dos Apart from getting this to work, I would be happy to test things to help pinpoint possible bugs. I am also planning to get a cash SIM card for my second L5, that is just now mostly resting on my desk. That way I can make L5-to-L5 calls too! :-)

@dos Has this been released to the public yet? Calls on my L5 has unfortunately regressed quite a bit since about a week or so. Incoming calls continue ringing and buzzing long after I answer a call, audio sometime routed through the speaker instead of handset and people complaining a lot about the call quality.

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