@davidrevoy that looks amazing. What sort of story is Pepper & Carrot? Do you have a publish date yet?

@tigzikk @davidrevoy Pepper & Carrot is a webcomic and already online, see peppercarrot.com/

This artwork is for a physical printed book version, which I want :-)

Thanks @yojimbo

I went poking around @davidrevoy 's site and found i; I'm on chapter 13 and love it. The character art reminds me of Little Witch Acedemia while the back ground art looks almost Miazaki inspired. The story and characters are great. The art is beautiful. I might have to pick up a dead tree copy to support the great work!

@tigzikk @yojimbo Thank you! 😍

For Miyazaki inspiration (and Terry Pratchett) I totally assume it! For Little Witch Acedemia, Pepper&Carrot appeared roughly at the same time on the web and fan told me about it when I was at episode 6 or 7 and LWA started to get an impressive fanbase with the first animations released from a kickstarter. I also love LWA! But since this time, I had to write Pepper&Carrot in reaction to it (avoid academy/school theme, avoid similar design, etc). Not easy :)

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