Ok, since tigzikk was only ever supposed to be a trial account I am moving. I have heard that librem.one limits timelines compared to other servers, so I decided to give another server a go. Here's hoping I do the account migration correctly...

Alright sharing to mastodon when I mean to share to matrix. No more mastodon until I get caffeine.

I'm in the US and I overheard a couple of people talking scathingly of a UK policy (unsure if it's real) that everyone had to be able to see daylight from their work station. That doesn't sound like something to scoff at. I've felt the disorientation due to getting up from my desk and seeing it's light out when I was expecting it to be twilight.

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I'm seeing hate, as I do every year. Do all these people just live in the south, near the equator?

In northern latitudes, sunrise would be at 04:30 and sunset at 20:00 without . I don't know about you, but I like the extra daylight in the evening after being locked in a dim, windowless building all day.

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Playing D&D in trickster mode: Instead of a D20, you give the players a coin with the numbers 1 and 20 written on either side. Requires an extremely creative DM for maximum hilarity.

I want a good calculator app for my phone. Something with features similar to with variables, matrix/vector arithmetic, a history that can be recalled, anonymous functions, and maybe some graphing capability. Why do most smart phone calculators just give a 10-key pad and 4 operators?

Maybe I can finish planet Namek on : Kakarot today. ๐Ÿค”

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This is really cool. It's an object storage "collective" for fediverse instances that does file-level deduplication. Right now it's saving them ~4TB on ~7TB of storage.

Looks like they receive more than enough donations to cover at least the storage costs, but I wonder if they could save some money by using Backblaze B2 instead of Digital Ocean.

I would definitely like to try building something like this if there was interest.

Fdroid finally rolled out 1.4.0 for me a day or two ago. No more crash notice. Life is good. Keep up the good work, @fedilab

One of my cats gets hangry. She'll shred any paper she can find when hungry and demanding to be fed. I like to pretend that it's brought on by the full moon and that she is the world's first recorded were-papershredder.

Wereshredders have a solicitus purr that hypnotizes the listener and do an extra 2d4+1 damage to bill type monsters. They are susceptible to wand toy damage.

I've seen a couple things now about "real friends." My $0.02, cyberspace friends are just as legitimate as meatspace friends.

I used to feel awkward/bad when someone would bring something up last moment and I already had plans to game with online friends. But that wasn't on me, they decided to wait until last minute and I already had plans, heck in some cases even prepared ahead of time.

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@viv your pal, Modi, gets an honourable mention in the article ^

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NPR on Freedom House report: US freedom declining, blame lays solidly with Trump.

The Trump administration has failed to exhibit consistent commitment to a foreign policy based on the principles of democracy and human rights. [Trump] has given a pass to tyrannical leaders, including Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jong-un of North Korea.
Fierce rhetorical attacks on the press, the rule of law, and other pillars of democracy...

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The fastest way to get your favorite Twitter user to join the Fediverse is simply to ask them for a link to their account on the Fediverse so you can follow them!

It's as simple as that.

The more people that ask journalists and other professionals to provide them with their link to their Fediverse profile, the more people will sign up and create one. #fediverse #twitter #exodus #mastodon #pleroma

10 min onto The Mandolorian pilot. 

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The perspective we deserve when politicians have been hiding from climate as an issue behind "I'm not a scientist" and "the climate has changed before" imgs.xkcd.com/comics/earth_tem

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