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@terryenglish seeing him keep posting videos about it has brought me essentially limitless joy.

It reminds me of one time, in a psych hospital, when they wouldn't give this one guy a yogurt at midnight, and he kept trying to manipulate them into giving it to him, very transparently, and eventually threw a tantrum. Great memory, that one

wants back on sooooo badly. Am I a bad person for laughing at the mundane torment that is Peterson's life?

whatever happened to conservatives just minding their own damn business or advocating for personal responsibility

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what is up with the religious right and trans gender people. so paranoid. do they think Stranger Danger is hiding behind a corner, ready to force them to have an operation?

You'd think that President had advocated shooting chuds on site based on their reaction to his speech. Properly identifying the obvious tide of appears to have hurt all the right pundits feelings, emphasis on right.

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