Conservative MSM heads explode when Bernie Sanders defends Donald Trump's right to speak on public social media platforms.

It's almost as if main stream left opinion isn't reflected by the Twitter blue checkmarks and "left" media like MSNBC.

The left has historically been on the side of free speech because typically it was the left's speech rights being taken away.

Noam Chomsky - Free Speech on Campus

Chomsky sets the record straight by giving his position on the state of free speech on college campuses.

Never thought I'd say this before but fuck you Sacha Baron Cohen. πŸ–•
Sacha Baron Cohen's Authoritarian, Self-Contradictory ADL Speech

I think the debate rests fundamentally on what your view of humanity is. Those against free speech I suspect think that most people are dumb and cannot be trusted to think for themselves. Those who tend to favour free speech generally think more favourably of people and their ability to reason for themselves. The intellectual elites in both the former Soviet Union and the United States both had this contempt for ordinary people in common. I find that very interesting.

Got reported by someone from . Guess that's their way of showing how much they love .

Why is it up to InfoWars to warn us of our waning right to free speech? I saw this flyer up in my city.

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