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@ConnyDuck What you did to your app is an abomination and violates the trust of all who uses it. Maybe you should switch to writing proprietary software where that kind of bullshit is par for the course.

@misslav It would seem that @purism cannot necessarily trust the upstream changes made to . A recent update has made it so the Librem Social app cannot be used with . I was hoping that Purism would not include that aspect of the update but it appears they did.

@misslav @purism I think one of the reasons why people (including myself) like Purism is because they do appear to be a neutral party that isn't interested in playing politics. Haven't we all had enough of this shit already?

@terryenglish @purism yea same I am more so interested into in their hardware
But I will still be suggesting to my normie friends since it makes it so easy

@terryenglish @purism I reaaly hope they fix that
But there's always fedilab
I just started installing it so ima try it out

@misslav is a very good app and it's apolitical. Still though a very dangerous line has been crossed. I'm hoping that someone forks his app and renders it irrelevant. Some lessons need to be learned the hard way.

I hope and bet someone will
(Also this interface is really cool)

@terryenglish @poetgrant
Apparently there are Tusky users who _demand_ that misfeature, so it's not betraying _all_ users, only half of them I guess.

And then, it's the authors right to do whatever they want in their code, even if that means exercising control over the users.

The Free Software licenses weren't made to prevent it. They were meant to mitigate it. To make it so that it doesn't matter what kinda bullshit the author pulls of, since you can always fork it.

And what will developers think when nobody forks their software over such decisions? They'll think they can get away with it, and that there's nothing the users can do.

So fork it.
Make it better.
Use your freedom.
Follow upstream.

It's takes some effort. But if you really care, please do it.


I just don't get it. All the tools exist for those users to block the gab domains themselves but that's not good enough they have to control what others do as well. That's astonishing.

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