It is not my job to protect you from being offended! Those that are against #gab should take responsibility for their own reactions and grow up! If you dont like a particular user dont converse with them. If you dont agree with someone that doesnt make them wrong it just means you dont agree and that is your right. It is time the #fediverse put the big girl panties on and stopped with the outrage culture! Grow up people and welcome a very big instance onto the platform. #growupsnowflakes


@Supes In fairness it's leftists that respond and behave this way. It's the mentally defective, SJW left that can't seem to handle other people thinking for themselves. Those people are pretty few in number luckily but boy do they sure scream loud. Plus the right certainly has its equivalent.

@terryenglish totally they are not all reactionary immature idiots

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