### Google is Reportedly Cutting Investments in Google Assistant-Powered Speakers

Google is apparently scaling down its investments in its Google Assistant, and we may no longer see third-party devices having Google Assistant built-in.
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A Node app that checks a list of feeds periodically, posting new items to Mastodon.


ITM Producers of Gitmo Nation, after consulting with the oral wrecking crew, I have been advised not to do a show tomorrow because speaking ‘excitedly’ can rupture some of the sutures etc. In addition my upper temporaries came undone and I sound like a slissing idiot.

Sir Cumference has put together a dynamite compilation of “Clips Of The Day” for your enjoyment tomorrow. -THE MANAGEMENT

I rarely listen to anything with commercials anymore but sitting through The Alex Jones Show today reminds me how much I hate them. Thank you @adam , @Johncdvorak , and all the rest of the value for value podcasters out there.

Probably the most educational thing you can do today. Take a gander at the avowed one-world government globalists and see how many you've heard of. Probably more than you think.


And then there is this -- the biggest reason not to trust the media...

And you wonder why they are lockstep in their collective coverage.


Happy Thanksgiving! A reminder that your No Agenda Show goes live one hour earlier today trollroom.io

Moe Factz with Adam Curry Episode number 87 - "Ye & They" --
Adam and Moe do a full deconstruction of Ye l.curry.com/fBv

Texas Slim: From Fake Meat to Edible Insects, Truth Behind the War on Beef l.curry.com/fAZ

Firmware debugging is uniquely challenging, because most conventional software debugging tools aren’t available. With coreboot’s specialized tooling, support from the amazing community, and a little bit of creativity, we fixed a regression in coreboot 4.17 that caused reboot loops on the Librem Mini. Here is the full technical article ➡️


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