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Look out! System76 is following a growing trend of Linux distributions using a 'Pay What You Want' model. After being highly popularized by the folks at Elementary OS, this business model has started gaining traction as an ethical method of receiving funding for FOSS projects. What do you think? Is this the way forward?

A special thanks goes to Hanna from @Tutanota for making this interview possible. 👏 👍

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Hey, all! Watch out for my next video. I will be doing a special interview with Hanna from @Tutanota on this Friday. Catch it exclusively on LBRY.

Have you ever wanted to create distributable, platform-independent forms for surveys you needed to conduct? This video explains how to create a PDF Form using the LibreOffice suite.

Are you waiting for my next video? Stay tuned.... 😎

I just got to know yesterday that Apple has finally taken their Apple Music web app out of beta. Finally! Linux users who use Apple Music won't get a sub par experience. Hopefully, I'll be soon seeing the 'lyrics' function on it as well. 😀

@JoshStrobl Will you be continuing to work for in the foreseeable future?

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the video clips for my next video so there will be no new video on my LBRY channel this week. 😔

Many Linux distributions and even the Tor Project uses Firefox. It's fast, simple and follows industry standards. Make it even more awesome by watching this video. 😎

Just finished editing & rendering my next video. It will be out on LBRY by tomorrow morning. Be sure to catch me there! 😃$/invite/@Sudo:8

Please share this! We must take action before it is too late. If you are on Twitter, Facebook or on any of the other mainstream platforms, you are most welcome to share it there too.

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An Open Letter To Open-Source Devs & Software Companies

We are currently seeing interest in and rise both commercially and from a user's standpoint. However, this has resulted in some negative consequences where large corporations are attempting to control the infrastructure that holds FOSS projects together. (Eg: ) As a community that has strongly supported your work, we request that you consider the future of our community when making vital decisions.

How often have you heard someone say that they can't leave Google because it will impact their productivity? With these tips and hidden features in DuckDuckGo, you can show them that protecting your privacy is just as productive. Leave a comment & subscribe.

Watch it now exclusively on LBRY:

Just finished editing my next video for my new LBRY channel. Follow me to keep up with all my latest content.

I've created a channel on LBRY to help promote the platform. Join me there if you want to support FOSS and privacy.

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