Hey, all! Watch out for my next video. I will be doing a special interview with Hanna from @Tutanota on this Friday. Catch it exclusively on LBRY.

With a rise in digital privacy awareness, more and more web browsers are trying to market themselves as secure and privacy-friendly. Which one do you think has actually succeded in respecting your privacy the most? Leave a comment as to why you chose it. 🤔

Ditching the Google Play Store is not as difficult as you think. Did you know that there are more ways to get many popular apps on your phone besides via the Play Store? Here are some examples:


You can also get apps like Tutanota, Bitwarden, Telegram and the entire Librem One suite through F-droid (an alternative app store). Try it out: f-droid.org/.

Are you interested in Linux and FOSS? Do you want to know about digital privacy and other tech developments? Follow me. 😎

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