@kyle For me, I want to thank you for the past year of Linux Journal, which I only rediscovered last September. Best wishes to you and the rest. And good luck with the Librem 5. I hope for its success.

Waiting for Purism to repair and return my Librem 13 with a sick USB port. 😥

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The practice of content moderation is fundamentally broken, and the integration of AI isn't going to fix it. It's time to rethink the system entirely—and we've got ideas. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/04/cont

Sadly, Maximum Security veered across four horses impeding Country Home. Stewards DQ’edMS and declared CH winner of the KyDerby.

Maximum Security lead it all the way. Not a speck if mud on The jockey’s silks.

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A animal with a history of abuse will often flinch when a well-meaning new owner tries to pet it. It takes a lot of time and effort to rebuild trust and security.

The emotional damage in the community from decades of abuse by exploitative companies isn't acknowledged nearly enough, and is hard to overcome.

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