Did some playing with the GPS. I want to build something that can record where I’ve been. I did an Android version of this but I’m excited to rebuild it w/o Google & w/free software.

Grabbed raw nmea data with
sudo cat /dev/gnss0 > output.nmea
Used gpsBabel (not on the L5) to convert to gpx
gpsbabel -i nmea -f output.nmea -o gpx -F output.gpx
I then imported that into QGis

The spaghetti-looking area was me shoveling my driveway. Then I took a stroll around the block

‘tis a start😃

@someunexpectedsparks Really cool, I never got GPS working properly on my #Librem5. This convinces me a bit more that I have a device specific hardware issue, and encourages me to try to fix that.

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