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My @purism #Librem5 is in the delivery 🎉 but additional -100€ taxes/customs are a real bummer! 😵 My order was sent directly from the USA. Why are the eu orders aren't sent out from germay like it was said in the crowd funding!?

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What the Purism January 12th shipping update didn't tell us was how far out shipments to the original backers (~2,500) are, since this is now being estimated and communicated. Will general backers be Q1? Q2? 2022?

finaly we are here. 😅

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The #OpenSource #BlenderBIM Add-on is a buildingSMART 2020 Awards Finalist!

We have a vision where the technology for our built environment is free and open for everyone, so our work is interoperable, transparent and collaborative, based on international standards.

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#BlenderBIM can now do construction documentation, clash detection, and proxy materials and objects. We can do commercial projects completely without any proprietary software. Version controlled with Git. 100% free and open source pipeline to build buildings.

See all the latest updates now:

This. This changes things. A lot.

Go #opensource. Go #OpenBIM. Quit #Revit. Quit #Autodesk.


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