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@kyle thankfully there are many open source OSes to choose from.

Are you getting enough protein?

Dr. Kempner of Duke University made the protein needs of our bodies very clear - 5 percent of calories. If a patient was in kidney failure he cut that in half…using table sugar.

If God created animals with the potential of having “Lions lay down with lambs” They must be able to thrive on a diet. Plant-based companion animal diets

“…a diverse group of 112 professionals with expertise on fluoride…are urging Walensky to get up-to-speed on the latest scientific studies that indicate that fluoride (at the levels used in community water fluoridation programs) poses a risk to both the fetal and infant brain.”

Wisdom of Trauma Movie can be watched for free from June 8 to June 15

I just signed up to watch the free documentary series called “Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science”.

Here’s the link to watch the trailer.

Today I finished working on modifying a prayer that was received by the Washington D.C. lawyer, James E. Padgett in 1916 as one of about 2,000 messages he received via "automatic writing," which is a form of mediumship.

It is my hope that it will bring you closer to God.

Here is its direct link:

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