@beli3ver I am using uAdBlock! Happy to hear you're still working with it.

I second that a simplified set up would be nice - I felt like there was a lot of guesswork involved when I wanted to set it up as a normal ad blocker, and I have no idea what the lists I chose really are.

Other than that it's working well for me, and I'm very happy. :)

@gnome the Gnome team can't get enough praise for this launch. I haven't been this excited for a software release since I was a teenager.

Amazing work by both the software, design, and marketing teams.

Will donate :)

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Today we’re celebrating a milestone. The #Fairphone 2 gets a major software upgrade 5 years after launch. We started Fairphone with a mission to encourage smartphone longevity by disrupting the electronics industry and this signifies that commitment. 🙌


@graf @PINE64 this is pretty standard, they're just unusually clear about it.

And it's not a shit attitude. They offer a very cheap product to the community, and are telling you up front not to buy it if three dead pixels is a show stopper for you. A more shit attitude would be only tell customers who complain after their purchase, which is the traditional way of doing it.

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There is currently a campaign that tries to raise money to improve #Anbox (an Android emulator) on #ubuntutouch.

#Volla has already donated a thousand Euros to kick things of and the campaign has raised 1500€ 💸 so far.

This is a good start, but they need at least 6000€ to hire a freelancer 💻️.

If you are a #FOSS or #Linux enthusiast, please consider donating and help to make #linuxonmobile happen.

Donate at:

Thank you ♥️

(boosts appreciated):ac_laughter:

One example: I use RStudio every day for work, which is fully open source and developed by a company seeking to make a profit.

Recently I got around to making web applications using R, made easy by the people at RStudio. Again, everything is open source.

However, running a server is a lot of work, and something I couldn't really do in the context of my job even if I learned how to. So we instead pay RStudio an annual fee to host the application I built, and we are of course happy to pay. :)

@controlfreak @omgubuntu probably worth mentioning that Spotify continually fails to make a profit as well. They're not doing this to increase their profits - they're doing it not to go bankrupt.

Anyways, great app! Works perfectly. :)

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PINE64 February Update! We've said it before, but for real this time: this is a big one...

- A look at #Quartz64 RK3566 SBC
- #PinePhone keyboard news
- We're making a RISC-V SBC! -
- #PinePhone default OS is @kde PlaMo on @ManjaroARM
- #PinebookPro back in March
- #LoRaWAN part of our ecosystem
- #PineTime progress
- much more!


@Alexmitter @purism it's not super special, but you can read about their data policies here:

In short they believe in sharing data, use open source when possible, and all in all just offer a great service. And they since they're public and tax funded there's little reason to worry about bad intentions, unless you're generally mistrusting of state employed meteorologists.

That said, it's not that special - it's one of the most commonly used APIs in open source software.

@NeoTheThird I love how this is literally Bezos urging his exploited warehouse workers to seize the means of production.

He's absolutely right - they can take control, and they should take control. Not so sure he'll be as progressive in encourage them to unionize though.

@AngharadHafod @omgubuntu As far as gorillas go, this is one feminine gorilla. Not that it matters much, nobody cared about the gender of the fossa.

Or is it simply that gorillas are somehow masculine animals by definition? Or are sunglasses inherently masculine? Or the colour purple? Genuine question, as I only see a gorilla in shades.

I agree on the aesthetics though - I find it a bit freaky when things get too humanoid, and would probably have preferred a silhouette or something. :)

@Ingo_FP_Angel Looks good, but I can't find the app, and the ones I tried in the past were less than great. Would you happen have a link to it on F-droid or the play store? :)

@omgubuntu Android for now, but I'm dangerously close to making the move to UBports.

Hoping to have a Google-free daily driver by the end of the year. :)

@berkes I'm just not sure if you can really "kill" a patent troll, considering there is no company at all, just a bunch of patents. Only way to solve the problem is by fixing the broken patent system.

As for citing a patent troll on being pro open source as part of the settlement, it's kind of like citing a steaming pile of shit on how its pleasant smell is one of it's core qualities. It's obviously untrue, but it's also so far from reality I feel like it doesn't even matter.

@berkes Considering Rotschild is nothing but a patent troll, does it really matter that he's allowed to frame it like this?

If he ran a actual company producing actual products it might have mattered, but Rotschild only makes money off lawsuits. As long as he didn't make any off this one it's a win.

@thibaultamartin At least companies are only wasting their own money - what really grinds my gear is when tax payer money is wasted in the exact same way in the public sector.

Seems like most leaders don't even understand what product they are buying, yet they seem to believe they are offered a fair price for it.

@PINE64 I'm personally fine (but not enthusiastically so) with PayPal, but I would not be willing to use Bitcoin.

The ideal solution for me would be an open source alternative to PayPal ­- for example through a cooperation with Liberapay, who already accept credit cards.

Guess it's not really practical, though. And again, I'm not really the target of this question.

@PINE64 Hi!
I love how you're making it easy for end users to repair any issues themselves - it's the obvious first step to more ethical consumption, and I believe anything less should frankly be illegal.
One quick question: Do you have any ethical guidelines for the factories and natural resources used in the production of the products?
If yes, are these available anywhere?
If no, are you considering a line of more ethical (albeit expensive) products with more openness in this regard?

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