The block button rules.

If people are being mean and unkind? I block em!

Doesn't infringe on their free speech -- they can be as mean and hateful as they like on their own timeline. I just don't need to listen to it. ;)


Who wants to talk about FreeDOS? :)


@lunduke while blocking is a temporary reprieve from differing opinions, the only true progress blocking leads to is strengthening the walls of an echo chamber.

That said, I think non-opinions from corps and advertisements, as they do not contribute to public discourse, should be banned by default and opt-in via a micropayment to the user.


Yeah, I'm not talking about differing opinions. I don't block people for not having the same ideas as me -- in fact I make a point of following folks that vote/think differently from me. I love new ideas.

I'm talking about blocking people who are mean. Who are clearly just breaking my core rule of "Be Excellent To Each Other." There's just no point in having that sort of hate and negativity around, ya know?


Holy crap! Didn't expect a reply from one of my personal heroes.

Non-excellence usually has an origin.

While it isn't your problem to resolve their issue, and blocking is one solution (you don't owe anybody your time/thought,) I find most people who aren't being excellent are acting on behalf of some inner demon; an unresolved dispute, cognitive dissonance, etc.

While it takes a bit more effort, firing back a simple and genuine 'why?' can often have cascading positive effects.

@ryanfleck :)

Ya know, you're not wrong. The approach you describe is *wonderful*.

For me, personally, though... I get so much communication from others (who are typically pretty anonymous) that I need to quickly sort out the positive from the negative so I can at least attempt to read and respond to the positive ones. Like yours. ;)


Understandable. Even Lunduke can't reverse the desecration of our common societal rules and values, and mend the bitter gap between isolated modern people.

Thanks again for the reply. We all rely on your optimism and continued interest in libre stuff to keep us coming back to our virtuous free software.

@lunduke @ryanfleck
> I make a point of following folks that vote/think differently from me. I love new ideas.

that is great! Activly reaching out to other social cicles or social demographics is something that works for me quite well for that. For the reason your account is still kind of new to the fediverse, I'd like to point you to a couple of people that are in class, demographics or gender different to you. I learned a lot from their content.

Befor I list a couple of people, I'd like to come forward with something you propably already noticed. I do so, because I want to be honest with you. I could have also created another account, but that didn't felt right. I was the one that you had uncomfortable conversation with. You claimed I made false accusations, I claimed you made false accusation. But I want to leave you with that, as I respect your wish that I don't @ you for the sake of that topic. So I shut up on it now.

you're still reading? thx for the patience

jewish trans women sharing information about jewish culture, antisemitism, liberation and intersectionality

shares insight of the effects/causes of climatecrisis

anarchist trans women who gave me always knowledable answers

activist and organizer, was active in protesting ICE

POC working in tech:

activist originating from Iran that got violently targeted by the state

@epicmorphism @lunduke @ryanfleck I made it =)

sort of. I made it transparent, added text, and modified the file format. you can use it all you want
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