#XSF Announcement

Recently there was an attack via so called #man_in_the_middle attack happened to an #XMPP #server.

To reduce the risk of such attacks in the future an early stage service called CertWatch has been published by our Community: certwatch.xmpp.net/

Many thanks to Stephen P. Weber (@singpolyma)!

Read two related blog posts:


#Jabber #mitm #security #vulnerability #machine_in_the_middle #chat


@xmpp @singpolyma seems it does not follow cname? or it does not tell if domain is ok already?

It should work, could you tell me what name you are trying to check for debugging? (as DM of you wish)
@xmpp @singpolyma

@Menel @xmpp @singpolyma ok perhaps it's caching more agressively than SOA TTL, I just set tlsa and checked - it was saying i should set tlsa, waited for ttl time, rechecked - still said I need to set tlsa. But today it's ok, shows green.

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